Maison Albert’s range focuses mainly on estate wines from the family’s properties such as Château Auris and Château Les Bugadelles.

This people-centred wine company sets an example in protecting and promoting the region’s finest terroirs.

Conveying the value of land stewardship, the good things in life and authentic wines in harmony with their native land is the inspiration for everyone on the team at Maison Albert.

Discover our vineyards
An outstanding terroir

Château Les Bugadelles

Set in the heart of the Narbonne regional park, this 400-hectare estate encompassing moorland or garrigue and pine forests forms a unique ecosystem and exceptional landscape.

Château Auris

Located a few kilometres from Narbonne and the Mediterranean Sea, this magnificent wine estate stretches over 300 hectares in a remarkable, unspoilt setting.

Our selection of grape wines “Signature”

Signature – Syrah

This intense, elegant, and complex Syrah presents powerful aromas of blackberries and spices, with smooth tannins.

Signature - Pinot Noir

A sweet and fruity Pinot Noir, typically fruit driven with notes of raspberries, cherries, and strawberries. It carries delicate and light floral flavors with a feel of silk and also contains supple tannins.

Signature - Viognier

This fresh and fruity Viognier presents powerful aromas of white flesh fruits, citrus, and white flowers.

Signature - Chardonnay

This Chardonnay presents a freshness and powerful aromas of citrus, with fruits, and white flowers.

more than 10 grape varieties
exported to 16 countries
more than 50 distributors around the world
more than 50 awards

Our awards

Château Auris rosé 2016

A d’Auris rouge 2014
1 étoile

Domaine Les Bugadelles – La Bergerie Blanc 2012
2 étoiles **

Château Auris – Saint Julien d’Auris Blanc 2014
Coup de Cœur Guide Hachette, 2 étoiles **

Château Auris Blanc 2013
2 étoiles **

Château Auris Rouge 2012
1 étoile *

Château Auris Blanc 2011
2 étoiles **

Château Auris Rosé 2011
1 étoile *

Guide Hachette des vins
2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2018

Château Auris rouge 2014

Château les Bugadelles 2013

Wine Enthusiast

Château Auris rouge 2015

Château Auris 2016

Château les Bugadelles

Wine Advocate Parker

Les Bugadelles Rouge 2013
Médaille de Bronze 2015

Les Bugadelles Rouge 2012

Médaille de Bronze 2014

Les Bugadelles Blanc 2010

Médaille d’Argent 2012

Les Bugadelles Blanc 2009

Médaille d’Argent 2011

Château Auris Rouge 2008
Médaille de Bronze

St Julien d’Auris Rouge 2014
Médaille de Bronze 2015

Decanter World Wine Awards

Les Bugadelles Blanc 2014 :
Médaille d’Or 2015

Renaissance Rosé 2014 :
Médaille de Bronze 2015

Renaissance Rosé 2013 :
Médaille d’ Or 2014

Bergerie Blanc 2013 :
Médaille d’Or 2014

Bergerie Rosé 2012 :
Médaille d’Argent 2013

Les Bugadelles Blanc 2008 :
Médaille d’Or 2009

Les Bugadelles Rosé 2008 :
Médaille d’Argent 2009

Concours général agricole de Paris
Concours Général Agricole de Paris